New Territories?

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Imagined Worlds

Outer Space, Underwater and Other Dimension


(Telegraph) Holidays on the Moon and Mars

During this session I have explore the way imagined world focuses on specific territories in relation to climate change, contemporary issues of war, and colonialism: outer space, underwater, and other dimensions. 

Possibilities of story-telling in the era of global climate change, referred to “climate fiction” or “cli-fi”, in which makes us question what will nonhuman and human communities after sea-level rises? We can also question what new species might evolve in response to environmental disaster? What kind of emotions will affect us – a lost world?

I have focused on the specific cinematic, art and design works, and also looked at alternative temporalities, infrastructure, and different ways of organizing society. To say the least, the climate fiction is a way for us to discover the way new territories are designed, how the artist of such imagine the territories and what do we think of it. 

How do we see the future in climate fiction? We don’t know yet, although some artist / designer such as Sherman Labby, Bryan Versteeg are already visualising ‘new territories’, throughout their work it shows the way new territories can be seen in the future. 

Outside space seems very futuristic but the colonialization with SpaceX – sending potential humans to mars for £200, 000 seems like a good bargain, but risking your life is not one of them, while Elon Musk himself does not want to go to space at the first time as he quotes ‘the risk of death is very high’. This shows we are one step forward but 3 steps back, there a lot of things to do before it happens and will it actually happen? 

Other than that, climate fiction can also be visualised in movies such as blade runner, even other films are a way to see a transportation to another world. It all started when I watched a documentary on The Lost City of Atlantis that got me thinking about new and old territories. What are the possibilities? of the change actually happening, what are the risk as well. So far most of us have a long way to live but our future generation will have the most impact on climate fiction and the things we do now will affect it. We are already thinking about the possibilities of changing the planet slowly, such as having homes on the water. and thinking of building communities in the outer world. 



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