Ruins and Decay: Why we are fascinated?

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Imagined Worlds

To say the least, we have attachments whether it’s a place, person, or an object. And it has different values to us. But, a place can have sentimental value, such a visiting a place and miss it, has it given you the value you want to return? or to keep the photograph safe for future to look back? 5272004-3x2-340x227

We are fascinated by such imagery of ruin and decay, when there is modernism around us and history. It’s something that everyone has seen, through film and or video game or even a place visited. We are fascinated because the beauty in the ruins we see is memory.  Nostalgia plays a lot in this interest we have and the lust that we want to go back to or want to return to, such as familiarising with a video game that includes ruin.

Ruins can be seen as ancient, fragile or even as architectural phenomenal and history. This has attracted artist since the 18th century. Where Piranesi drew complex, fantastical images of an imagined Rome.  Thus, the reason for why we thing of ruins as an art work in such. What is it that makes us think, how these works combine terror with beauty to create evocative fantasies. Perhaps, paradox have been talked among the ruins and decay elaborating our fascination from what real and what’s not.

Ruins relate to the past, present and future in different ways – can be reliable or unreliable toward the future, its a chance that they will survive and that it would  not survive and collapse due of age and ownership. However, most ruins and decays are owned privately or by government and with this the ruins would be taken care of, although if they become touristic attraction the building can become weaker. By this, ruin play with complex conceptions of time. John Soane Museum in London is a great museum that displays painting and some sculptures of the ruin past.

Yet, ruin represented in different periods have different values and some and more important then other. The future of ruins within artist can be seen in ‘retro-futurism’ in which is a trend in the creative arts showing the influence of depictions of the future produced in an earlier era. 

There are yet a lot of ruins that can be explored through out the globe, yet its probably unreachable.



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