Cyborg Cultures: Man and Machine

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Imagined Worlds



BBC. Future – Cyborgs (2014)


Will man and machine merge?

When i  learned about cyborg, i was instantly astonished and knew what was it about but nerveless that it had a term. Well, in this day and age we can expect anything – and like cyborg, we can expect the weirdest things, like an microchip implant. Yes… you read that right people are getting implant to control light, and now been implanted into animals to control them.

According to Kevin Warwick, who was the first person to proceed the experimentation of implanted microchip, more surprisingly it was a success – Kevin was able to move a wheelchair with his arm movement. The professor who pioneered the cyborg movement in the academic sphere, described ‘cyborgs’ as being only those entities founded by a “human, machine brain/ nervous system coupling” – essentially “a human whose nervous system is linked to a computer”. (Klotz, F. 2016)

Whiles technology is increasing and we can make robots human but we make them part of us. When technology used to be an aid to do things better, now its slowly consuming us, emotionally and physically. Lets take Hearing aid for example, now we can the privilege to hear (for those who are deaf) – have the benefit to hear again. With a simple surgery and a hearing aid that will be connect to the side of the  head, the hearing aid will connect like a magnet, a few therapy classes and the person hears.  If this is achievable then can blindness be cured? In fact some technology is already progressing and have blind people participating in this experiment. Bionic Eye Brain implant is a real thing and has been tested amongst the blind people,  this happens by a device inserted into their head that connects to their brain, that is transmitted onto a monitor, includes glasses in which tricking the brain of what they see. First it may be just dots, or outlines, and by doing this, it is tricking the brain – by time it gets better. 

I do wonder what is the next step for cyborg cultures.


Article Recommendations:



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Available at: (Accessed on: 30 January 2018)

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