Vision of a Better World (not perfect)

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Imagined Worlds




The A/D/O journal, Playlist.


Searching science fiction, will already give you a lot of ideas about the specific subject. Which you can already see elements of Utopia and Dystopia. Utopia goes back to as late as 1516 and was introduced by Sir Thomas More. He writes about the Eutopia: good place and Outopia: no place.

Utopia does not exist because it has too many meaning and too many ideas of the perfect world. A lot of Utopia can be seen in films in fantasy and/or in other genre, films such as the fifth  element, up and down, and much more, i my self have seen many utopianism and dystopia through films.

On the other hand, video games, such as final fantasy, Call of duty and other games, are seen as utopia and are creating utopia and dystopia. So from this i can tell that a lot of utopia and dystopia are being shown and not experienced. Although it can be experienced in a way, and can be imagined/ dream such as hell and heaven. It can also be compared from before to after in a way, through building or a town. But mostly utopia and dystopia are the things that are imagined and dreamed about.

To understand what its all about there are books written specifically on the topic and there are many books that can be read that are not specifically for the topic but interacts well. This then plays with the emotion and social dreaming, because we imagine the future of a better world, which is unrealistic because we can predict the future but it never turns out the way its predicted there’s always a catch.

I came across a term that look into utopia and dystopia, the term was created in the 80s, it was created by the creative people in the 80s focusing on the future, ‘Retro-Futurism’.  I particularly like this term because it a very thought about, and we can think of utopia through it and has the best examples of utopia when looking at the future.



a/d/o. ‘The a/d/o journal’ Playlist. Available at: (Accessed on: 10 October 2017)



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