The Rise of Migration and Ex-pats.

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Global Identities

Passport Index (2017)

The Passport Index was an interesting find, because i haven’t come across it or hear or being spoken about it. I want to share this website as it interact with the topic of this blog. Also have a look at the passport ranking.

There is so much to share about migration and ex-pats, but you may already be familiar with it, from your own experience, educated and/ or the news. But, what i will share, is some interesting findings and my own personal experience on migration and ex-pat.

A millennial person can understand the situation of migration and ex-pat more clearly than, for example a retired person, this issue can be seen through the vote for Brexit. Through recent year it has been an issue and a culture diverse from British identity and the ‘other’, these issues can be seen as ‘migrants’ and ‘ex-pat’ – are taking most of the jobs.

There has been a gender gap and difference with migration through my research, this has shown that: Women now constitute at least half of the world’s migrants, and within
Europe they form a majority of its migrant population, (Bloch et al., 2014).

London, out of all of the British cities, is associated with ex-pat. Students who travel across countries to stay and study  are an example of an ex-pat. Adding value of culture and identity to an existing communities. However, many would disagree with this because students ‘away’ can be associated with a long term tourist. Generally this topic is vast and debatable, everyone has their own term of ex-pat and migration.

I would recommend visiting the Migration Museum @ the workshop in London if you are interested in this topic. Or read my previous blog on Exhibition Review.


Bloch, A. et al. (2014). Women Migrants Today: New Directions, No Papers, Old Barriers’. Journal of Labor and Society 17 (3). P.339 (Accessed on: 7 November 2017)


Passport Index, Home page. (2017) Available at: (Accessed on: 7 November 2017)

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