A Brief History of Migration In One Space

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Global Identities

Migration Museum @ The Workshop; Exhibition Review

No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments that Changed Britain
20 September 2017 – 25 February 2018


Researching can be time consuming , and can leave you confused with all of the different point of views. This is why this exhibition is a must if your interested in the topic of ‘migration’ and would like to just have a look at how migration has moved across through time and view stories of refugees who arrived in Europe. The exhibition explores seven migration moments that changed Britain.

At the time i went to visit the exhibition i was confused and left. That was my fist expression of the museum, but i had to see the exhibition for my self and review it.  I didn’t want to miss it, so i went back and asked for guidance, to know that the exhibition was upstairs.

The first part of the exhibition was something interesting and a good beginning. While entering the corridor I noticed templates of identity card , in which had mirrors replacing the image, this had my interest. I can already see the  idea behind this project, it was a great idea to curate something like the passports at the beginning and also when you leave it is engaging.

Something that i noticed after reading about The Bayley Family text is ‘colonialization’ and a little form of ‘globalisation’. I liked this particular section as it had detail information about the specific year and family, and how Britain was associated with it. In the other room you can explore how music takes part in migration and Britain. Few zines that are interestingly designed, which compliment rock music (1970). One of my favourite part of the exhibition was a collection of newspapers displayed by years, that show the front page, with a title about migration,  a mixed emotion timeline. Something else that caught my interest was the boats placed out neatly on a surfaced floor. It was a workshop done by the Migration Project that represents a story by an individual person or family.

I wasn’t really pleased with the layout of the exhibition, perhaps the right room to the entrance was quite empty compare to the other room, it felt like the displayed artwork on the wall didn’t compliment the sculpture of boxes and photographs. Although for some can be completely opposite and really like it.

As I have already pointed out that the exhibition direction was limited and without any directions i would have missed out.  However, i would strongly recommend visiting The Migration Museum, no mater what age. It will give glimpse of every year that migration has carried out. You will see many thing you haven’t seen, migration is a wide topic therefore you can view the drift from the first encounter of migration till now. Don’t forget to read the visitors experience of migration, you can also write on of your won, one of the beneficial things, is that it is placed in years, this allows to get a glimpse of real life situation.

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